Karate_Tournament_21Man, can’t believe how both physically and mentally tired I am at the moment, despite having a pretty awesome weekend last weekend. I mean we kicked it off with a thoroughly relaxing Friday night in which Chantelle and I treated Wayne and Candice out to a nice supper at Indigo Spur at Waterstone Village in Somerset West, before returning to the guest house where I eventually left them to their own devices and got in a good (okay short) night’s sleep back home, before waking up early on Saturday morning in order to prepare for the big karate tournament that day.

Ryan arrived on my doorstep shortly before we had to leave and from there we went on to locate Somerset House Primary School with minimum fuss, though that said, it turns out that an automated gate CAN in fact get the better of the two of us! :)

The karate tournament itself (on which I’ll go into more detail in a subsequent post) stretched along for pretty much the whole day, with registration starting at 08:30 and the closing ceremony finishing up just before 17:00, giving Ryan and myself just enough time to grab some KFC takeaways for supper (thanks Ryan!) before settling down to catch the Springboks versus the All Blacks back home.

However, even the rugby wasn’t enough to keep the general yawns at bay and after the rugby finished up, I kicked Ryan out and immediately got to loafing around as much as possible. (In case you are wondering, Chantelle had decided to spend the day in Bellville for some or other reason. Something about setting up a registry before I got to look at it or something like that! :P)

Fast forward to Sunday and I was king of doing not much of any importance, playing games, watching movies (thoroughly enjoyed Batman vs. Dracula again) and reading comic books, only shifting out of my state of relaxation to finish up the occasional bout of housework ever now and then. Eventually though C did return from her travels and it was then straight into the task of planning and preparing for the wedding, a load of work that just never seems to want to subside I’ll let you know.

Anyhow, the point of all this rambling is: removing the karate tournament from the equation, I really didn’t get up to all that much physical this weekend, so just how come is it that I managed to oversleep on Monday morning and STILL I feel mentally and physically DRAINED?

Boy, I need a holiday methinks! O.o