orange karate beltIt kind of feels just the other day that I graded to my second belt here at Funakoshi Gordon’s Bay, but believe it or not, the time to grade to the next level is nearly upon us once more. Come 18th of August, a Tuesday night at the primary school of all times and places, Funakoshi Gordon’s Bay will once again gather in full force in the hopes of moving up to the next step in their martial arts journey.

I for one am looking quite forward to this particular grading as I am now aware of just how these Funakoshi gradings work and I’m still at a level where our required grading form and kata (Grading Form Mai-Geri 2A and Kata Ichi) aren’t of such a high level of difficulty just yet. And besides, following my more than decent kata performance during the recent Funakoshi Karate S.A. Championship, I’m more than just a little confident of breezing through, even if that does sound a little arrogant! ;)

So orange next, then on to green and then onto blue, it looks like if I stick it out here at Funakoshi Gordon’s Bay, I may just advance to something a little more respectable in a far shorter time that what I could ever have imagined! That said, the future is already set to hold a little bit of a disappointment in for me because the next grading is set for November already and unfortunately for me, November month is wedding and honeymoon month, meaning that the chances of taking part if I am permitted to do so are rather slender to say the least. Which in turn of course means that I’ll fall a step behind all my other training partners who are all currently on the same level as what I am. :(

Oh well, guess I’ll just hold thumbs that the November grading either falls before the 7th of November or after the 23rd of November then! After all, a man can hope can’t he? :)