20080712_Sick_BearSo I’m back in the office today for the first time since last Friday, and before you all glare at me for having such a long time off work, it is only fair to allow me time to protest my innocence and instead regale you with the story of how my much anticipated and long awaited long weekend completely… sucked.

It all started mid-Friday, when out of the blue I all of a sudden fell completely nauseous and out of it, manfully soldiering on, but only because it was still quite a long time away from home time, plus I needed to stick around to handle a presentation we were making regarding Message4Events to Spintelligent, a task I couldn’t just bale out on anyway.

Unfortunately the presentation didn’t go all that well (mostly due to the fact that because of my state of health, I was not exactly the most chatty of product drivers to be found), and I finally made it home where I slumped on the couch until Chantelle arrived home and prodded me back into printing her some more completed wedding invite envelopes. However, my duty done, it was straight into bed for me where I blissfully slept away until Saturday morning.

Painfully getting myself out of bed, I half-heartedly did some housework, awaiting Chantelle’s arrival, before we both rode off in our cars towards Bellville, where we met we met up with Karl, Trish and Mr. Brown for our suit-fitting ordeal at Mr. Suit Hire, before parting ways and tailing Mr. and Mrs. Storbeck back home where we pounced on them as they opened the gate to drive in and demanded coffee and muffins. Which were good. Oh, and we gave them a shiny invite in return for their hospitality.

Next it was off to Wayne and Candy (note that this is while both Chantelle and I are feeling as sick as dogs), but unfortunately both were running around and so after a quick phone call to organise, we drove through to Cobblewalk Village in Durbanville to catch Candy on her way back from work in order to deliver our next shiny invite. From there it was on to Dean and Zania, where again we nearly missed them as Dean was at work and Zania was entertaining herself by spending all of their money, but luckily we just managed to catch her in time and proudly handed over yet another gleaming envelope. Damen and Michelle were next and this time we did miss them, hanging around their complex for a while, waiting for them to return from their own rather successful shopping spree. Needless to say, yet another golden envelope slid from our sickened grasp.

At this point we went our separate ways, Chantelle onwards to entertain herself with friends and family and I to Ryan where I handed over a batch of envelopes to him and then promptly collapsed on Claire’s old bed – where I blissfully lay unconscious until roused by the noisy horde consisting of Terrance, Karl, Dean, Zania and Ryan, all of who had gathered for Ryan’s much anticipated Table Tennis Battle Tournament (plus South Africa versus Australia rugby viewing).

Needless to say, by this stage of the game, my state had weakened so that I in the end only managed a handful of rather tired attempts at table tennis (I did amazingly win quite a few games though?) and a half-upright sitting through the rugby, never mind even attempt to work my way through a pizza slice of the food that Ryan had so lovingly provided for us all. No it was just after 20:00 and as the ultimate party pooper, I bid everyone good night and slinked back to the spare room where I passed out once again, only waking up at 03:00 the next morning because my body cried out it could sleep no more. However, this problem was soon sorted out by shifting to the big couch where the now tricked body quickly drifted back into a deep sleep, the perfect medicine to lead me into Sunday.

I stayed in the weakened state until late Sunday morning, when Ryan and I headed out the door to quickly pop into Figure Fanatix so that he could lay claim to his latest prize, some awesome figurines in case you’re wondering, while I flopped around to the best of my ability, before bidding him adieu and moving on to the Montgomery stronghold where the first thing I managed to do was collapse onto the bed in the spare bedroom and fall into a deep sleep, completely missing lunch and only waking up much further into the evening. Suave it most certainly wasn’t.

Actually, I only got out of bed for a rather short stretch, and that was in order to laze on the couch to converse for a bit before again heading off back to bed where thankfully I had a far more restive sleep for the night, waking up on Monday morning but still feeling like absolute shit. What a bloody waste of a long weekend!

Eventually during the day I did actually make it home to Gordon’s Bay, where I, surprise surprise, slept again, spent some time on the couch watching DVDs, ran to the bathroom a lot and slept some more. Gripping reading this, ain’t it?

In case you’re wondering, this then pretty much went on for the next couple of days, though I did manage to pull myself out of bed to do a little work both Tuesday and yesterday, but it’s only today that I really felt strong enough to actually tackle the road and come into the office. In after thought, it probably wasn’t my best decision ever.

So not a good start to this week then, I’ve already missed both my karate classes due to this illness that seems to be gripping everyone (seriously, on Saturday the waiting period at all Bellville hospitals was two hours!), which isn’t a great thing when you think my grading is next week, at the height of my illness I had lost 5kg in weight (which thankfully seem to slowly be recovering themselves), but at least I survived it (though still feeling as weak as a newborn kitten) and Chantelle and I managed to get the majority of our hand-delivered invites out, plus last but not least we got the suits for the wedding organised.

Guess that has to count for something then.