Black Suit Champagne Waistcoat Gold CravatJust a little wedding update for all those curious people out there. As of last week our final batch of invites, both hand- and post-delivered, has gone out, winging their respective ways to hopefully the right people, and so far judging on the feedback we’ve been slowly but surely getting back, Chantelle can be pretty chuffed with herself and all of her wonderful creative efforts, because everyone seems to like it pretty much right off the bat. So far so good, we’re getting in a steady stream of confirmations from our close friends and first tier family, but I guess the real acid test lies in the pace of the confirmations coming in from all of the extended family and friends, a factor that I’m sure will keep C chomping at the bit as she strains to proceed with the more finicky, numbers-based arrangements that all get made a little closer to the time! :)

On the wedding suit front, I was rather pleased to find the process of suiting up the boys rather painless as Chantelle together with Trish quickly picked out something quite nice and simple the other day at Mr. Suit Hire, Nobel Park, and surprise, surprise, not even the giraffe-like Karl could throw the Mr. Suit Hire assistant guy off his game. So Mr. Terrance and Mr. Karl are now assured to look smart and dapper come the big day in other words.

I on the other hand proved to be a little bit more of a challenge thanks to my wide/broad/strangely-configured shoulders, but thankfully after a fair bit of suit jacket and waistcoat switcheroos, Chantelle and our attentive assistant managed to come up with quite the suave and dapper look for Mr. Craig if I say so myself, though that said I can’t help but keep on comparing my look to that of the lead male presenter of Strictly Come Dancing (SA version), Ian something-or-another – which strangely is a good thing in this instance, just in case you’re wondering about this here tangent of mine.

On the other wedding preparation fronts, we’ve finally completed our pre-marital church counselling sessions with Gavin Millard of Christ Church Somerset West, a process that proved itself thoroughly enjoyable and informative and something that I think both Chantelle and myself are more than glad to have been a part of. As it is, I think Chantelle and I have now also both decided that CCSW will in all likelihood be our new spiritual home here in the Boland, so I’m glad that we’ve finally settled this issue at last.

With regards to our dancing lessons, we’ve successfully navigated through a fun three lessons with Tanya at Dance Domain, and after a quick consultation with Tracy the other night, we look set to join them for a whole lot more lessons before the big day finally sneaks up on us, though that said we’re off to a bad start by missing out last week in its entirety thanks to my rather unfortunate bout of illness that pretty much kept me in bed all week long!

And then on to the Honeymoon, most of which I’m now proud to say is planned, booked and paid for. The road-trip should prove itself to be plenty of fun, with the route that we’ve planned to follow taking us from Gordon’s Bay to Beaufort West, then up to Gariep Dam, Bloemfontein, Pretoria and
Sun City, before heading down to Clarens, Cradock and Addo, flitting across to Knysna before finally coming home via Swellendam. It’s a lot of driving but it is going to be absolutely brilliant with a lot of activities and stop-overs already planned and prepared for! :)

Hmm, think that’s about it for all the wedding-planning activities that we’ve been up to as of late. Still got a bit to sort out, but nothing to major any more, though I think that both Chantelle and I have finally reached that point where we’re just kind of wishing that the big day would arrive already!

After all, my thumbs just can’t take all this twiddling any more! :P