Finally, I’ve done it! After compulsively and madly chaining myself to the fixed routine of posting at least one blog post per day, including weekends for so long now, I finally find myself free from this mental bind and am at last not checking up on my Google Analytics on an almost hourly basis like I used to! Woo hoo, yay me! :)

So what finally allowed me to break my steadfast resolve and blind determination that was pinning me down so? Well that bout of flu that knocked me out last week and kept me in bed pretty much the whole time, was the key necessary to get my out of that self-imposed prison. I left my blog unattended for a couple of days, and what do you know, the world didn’t come to an end, I didn’t die and the blog just continued to exist, just as it always has. Brilliant.

So I’m sorry my beloved regular readers, but from now on there may indeed be a day or two where I don’t slip any interesting titbits into this here platform of mine, but rest assured, I do still love you all. Well, except you Steve.