Aptana LogoAptana is a really nice, Eclipse-based web develoment IDE, and thanks to its well thought out plugins system, a pretty good environment in which to create simple Adobe AIR applications, which is all fine and good when you’re on the go and coding, but what about when you finally put the keyboard to rest and want to show the rest of the world what you’ve been up to?

Well you need an Adobe .air installer file of course!

So how do you go about this then? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. Have your Adobe AIR project open in front of you and go to the Aptana File menu, clicking on the Export… menu item to bring up Aptana’s Export wizard dialog. Search under the Adobe AIR options for the item named Adobe Air Package. Click Next.

Now select the project you wish to export (the selected one should be the one currently open) and click on Next. Select the digital certificate to sign your project with (you can create one by selecting the Manage Certificates option on the dialog) and click on Next to continue.

Finally select the location in which you want to generate the .air file and select all the files that need to form part of the package. Click on Finish and watch Aptana do its magic.

Pretty simple eh?

Now you can go to your spiffy new .air package, double-click on it and follow the prompts to get started. Couldn’t be any easier (well as long as you have the Adobe AIR framework already installed on your workstation that is! :P)

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