Woman Walking in Tracksuit along coastShame, I had to giggle. This morning Chantelle and I kicked the weekend off by going for a long walk in preparation for next week Sunday’s Blisters for Bread 10km charity fun walk, heading out along the coastal road and then cutting back along the top of Gordon’s Bay along the mountain road, a trip that took us about a hour and a half to complete.

Admittedly the weather was a little nippy and overcast, but the walk itself was actually great fun and we put in a fair bit of house spotting and commenting by the time we finally arrived home (without any major injuries but certainly a niggle or two), after which Chantelle quickly whipped up a delicious breakfast consisting of the best scrambled eggs in the whole wide world, accompanied by some white toast and strawberry jam.

At this point we tried to work out just how far we had walked, seeing that we ended up being on the road for such a long period of time and how deceptively strenuous the up and downs of the hilly route turned out to be, with Chantelle bursting out that she was certain that we must have traversed at least over 9 km in total, in other words the perfect practice length for next week’s walk.

I on the other hand was far more conservative in my guestimate, shooting for a mere 6.5 km, reckoning that C was being far too optimistic as per usual. Of course, we couldn’t settle it without some hard facts to back up our claims, and so we hopped into Jetta Jameson and retraced the route, carefully noting the odometer as we sped up and down all the hills that we just previously covered a little while ago.

Needless to say, Chantelle was left feeling rather dejected and deflated when we finally arrived back at the guesthouse’s doorstep with the kilometer count reading a mere 5.5 km!

So sorry babes, looks like next week’s walk is going to be far longer than what you thought it might be! :P