It’s quite hard for me to process it, never mind understand it, but for some or other reason I am absolutely THRILLED to the core for Ryan now that he has taken the steps to purchase a proper house, the very first free-standing house bought by ANY of the Lotter siblings.

(Sorry Claire, for some reason the fact that you have already bought and own two flats doesn’t evoke this same sense of excitement in me. I’m not sure why, but I think it has to do with the fact that a house usually comes with its own lawn. Don’t ask, even Chantelle can’t figure out my obsession with green grass. As it is, our entire honeymoon guest house selections are all based on what their gardens look like! Go figure…)

After years of staying at home with the parentals and saving up like a mad squirrel getting ready for hibernation, Ryan has now stepped out into the sunlight and placed an offer (which delightfully, was accepted) on what looks to be a beautiful old house situated out in Oakdale, Bellville (which is out in the Northern Suburbs for all of you that are sitting on the wrong, read South, side of the boerwors curtain, here in the Western Cape).

The House That Ryan Wants to Buy

Pictured above, apparently its got like three bedrooms, a single garage, lounge, kitchen, heck, all the normal stuff that houses usually have and as far as I can tell, Ryan is absolutely in love with it – which is all that counts in the end I guess!

Needless to say, as the oldest sibling of the Lotter clan, I’m feeling pretty dejected right about now. Both my younger siblings now earn more money than me (Ryan a great big whopping amount, Claire, not counting Riley’s contribution either, a great big huge whopping substantial amount), both have purchased property way before I’ll ever be able to, and both (well not Ryan yet, but I’m sure that the Mazda 3 will still find him sooner than later) have far cooler cars than my beloved Jetta Jameson.

(Okay, well, truthfully, only Claire really wins on the car front at the moment I guess! Technically at the moment my car is slightly better by one year than Ryan’s version – though mine does now have far more rust than what is good for a car to have, to contend with!)

And then in terms of firsts, Claire was the first to buy a flat (and not just stopping at one mind you!), the first to get married, the first to go overseas (I think), and now Ryan is the first to buy a house!

Me? Well I guess the only first left to aim for is giving Mom and Dad grandchildren then?

Hmmm, oh Chantelle, where are you bokkie…? ;)

{Oopsie, almost forgot the reason for this rather random post in the first place once again! Super duper congratulations Ryan!!! Both Chantelle and I are absolutely thrilled for (and quite jealous of) you at this moment! Good luck with getting the bond finalised and we look forward to the first braai to be held there! :D}