Crontab Alarm ClockThe Linux Cron. An invaluable tool to do all those little jobs that you simply can’t be bothered to remember to do.

Essentially, the Linux Cron utility is a scheduler, capable of executing various scripts and tasks in a system background without intervention from the system user. Naturally, this makes it invaluable in terms of running all those routine maintenance jobs that you require, happily chugging away while you perhaps move on to more important things like reading comic books for example.

Now being a newbie to Linux servers in general, I needed more than a little help to set up a cron task just to push some data from the local machine across to a different host the other day, and thankfully I ran across a great little cron tips and tricks page from Ramesh Natarajan on his site The Geek Stuff.

Damn useful, it quickly got me on the right path and now so as in order not to forget it for future reference, I proudly immortalise it by linking to it here:

Linux Crontab: 15 Awesome Cron Job Examples

Read it. It could be useful if you’re a bit in the dark like I once was…

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