Coco AttackI have some sad news which needs to be shared with you all and that is that Coco is now officially classified as being MIA. He has been gone for just over a week now with no sign at all, and I’m afraid that at this point we can only assume that either he has moved out of the complex, was forcefully taken out of the complex or worse, has been knocked over and killed somewhere beyond our sight.

We were first alerted to the missing Coco by a very concerned Tessa and Joy, the two ladies that have taken a firm interest in looking after, loving and watching out for our family of cats during the day while Chantelle and I are out at work, and after an extensive search, offering a reward and chats with everyone that has anything to do with the complex, they have come to the conclusion that Mr. Coco is gone for good. And now we have to concur.

True, Coco had been a little erratic in his behaviour over the last couple of months, becoming more and more unloving and spending less and less time in our house overall, but he was always there come supper time and when the whole family was home, you’d always find him keeping the TV warm by lying on top of it. Whether you like it or not, we raised our furry little girl/boy and he became part of us and no matter what we say about his behaviour over the last little while, we’ll all miss him and his shenanigans and quirks.

So sadly, our family now decreases by one.

Goodbye dear Coco, and thank you for everything you brought to this little family of ours. :(