Samsung S5230 StarSorry, got up to so much this weekend but just can’t seem to find a long enough moment to tell you all about it. So this quick weekend round-up will just have to do!

Friday night saw the start of my 2 month long stay in Bellville at my parents’ place, kicking off with Ryan and myself catching the thoroughly entertaining and action-packed G.I. Joe at Tygervalley mall (About time too! Chantelle doesn’t know what she’s missed out on… or perhaps she does?).

Skipping squash with Ryan and Pops on Saturday morning, I instead headed out to pick up our entry forms for Sunday’s Blisters for Bread charity walk and then followed that up with a trip through to Tygervalley where I ran into Mom, Pops and Gran S. who were in the process of doing a whole lot of shopping for the planned upgrade to Gran’s pad. I ended up tagging along with them and when everything was finally bought, paid for and loaded into the car, I did a quick dash into Pick ‘n Pay and then back home again in order to pick up Ryan and head off to Gran’s pad in Kuilsriver.

Once there, we set to work moving out her old existing TV cabinets and with those out of the way, Dad, Ryan and myself grabbed a screwdriver and got to grips with putting together her newly bought, Home Depot flat-pack TV stand. As per usual, it took a fair bit of time to get the thing installed (thankfully the Stikland fish and chips we had for lunch prior to starting was serving our energy levels well!), but once it was done it looked pretty damn nice, and meant that we could get on with the next stage which was setting up and connecting her brand new 32″ Samsung flat screen television to the old set-up.

Of course, nothing was going to be easy, and after discovering we were short a couple of RCA cables, Pops and I headed out in full search mode, eventually ending up at Hyper in Brackenfell of all places to get hold of the goods! Anyway, all’s well that ended well and Gran is now quite possible the most set up cottage in the whole old age complex! (Also, I scored Gran’s old TV, meaning that I now finally have something I can at least plug my PS2 into and play in the office when I finally start living back in GB – Chantelle hogs our TV far too much for me ever to get a chance to play! :P)

Next on the list for Saturday evening was hooking up with Chantelle and joining Dean, Zania, Robert and Ryan at Starlight Diner for a fabulous dinner and chat session that as always was lots of fun and for me in particular, was the continuation of the beautiful love affair that I currently enjoy with their drippingly fantastic Mexican burger, the only reason I ever go to Starlight anyway! :)

Moving along, Sunday was off to a brisk task with Chantelle and I making our way through to Seapoint to meet up with the other 13 000 enthusiastic walkers to partake in this year’s Blisters for Bread fun walk, with C and I walking the 10 km route which I’m pleased to announce we completed in a not too bad (for non-walkers that is) 2 hours.

Back in Bellville, the next stop was Vodashop Tygervalley where I set about filling out the paperwork and purchasing my new phone contract, all of which leads to the nice and shiny Samsung Star touch-phone that is currently sitting in front of me on my desk. Two ties and some sleepwear from Woolies later, and it was back home for Chantelle who wanted an afternoon nap and me who needed to give Ryan a hand in setting up the old PC he wants to leave behind for mom.

That done, next up was Braai Time with Mom, Dad, Ryan and Chantelle and as always Pops served up a fabulous array of perfectly tong-mastered meat to enjoy, complimented by Mom’s wild array of salads and snackies for Africa, including a delicious combo of ice cream and chocolate pudding to wash everything down at the end of it all. (Of course, we were meant to have coffee and milktart to round everything off as well, but unfortunately I dropped it. No one was impressed).

Right, that should just about wrap up this wrap-up then. Good, now we’re all up to speed in the life of Craig! :)