Having lived in Gordon’s Bay for quite some time now, I haven’t had the misfortune on travelling via the N1/M5 to get to work in absolute ages, but now that I’m based in Bellville for the next two months at least, I’m afraid this route has once again fallen firmly in my lap.

First off, let me say that I’m absolutely astounded by the sheer number of cars currently on the N1 in the morning – 06:00 and the N1 is already jam-packed, with a snake of cars filling up all lanes extending as far as one can see! And don’t get me started on the return leg of the trip via the M5 to hook up with the N1, because those damn roadworks are proving to be a real pain in the ass! (But are going to be SO awesome when finally complete!)

However, this quick-fire post isn’t about the traffic. No, it’s about a wonderful, massive advertisement board along the M5, on the hill, just before the N1 on-ramp, visible to traffic leaving Cape Town.

Somehow, the advertising agency for Sloggi underwear has managed to get the ad below approved and posted, an absolute miracle if you consider the content and more importantly the emblazoned text that adorns it so. I’m amazed they managed to slip this one in under the radar, but can’t help to wonder just how long it’s going to survive before all the conservatives out there have a complete and utter hissy fit.

But for now at least, it certainly does provide a more than welcome break from the drudgery of traffic that one finds themselves in on the way home after a hard day’s work! ;)

Sloggi Heavenly Butt Hot Campaign

Oh and for the record, I think the slogan is quite clever…