And seeing as I was on a roll this morning, I re-introduced selectable categories here on CodeUnit as well.

Forcing a refresh of the page (if your browser has heavily cached it), you should now see jQuery-powered menu appear at the top of the page, breaking my content into sub-sections and then further down into individual categories. You can click on a sub-section (top level menu item) to load all child categories that fall underneath them or you can click directly on a child category to view only that content (Hover your mouse over a menu item to see what I mean). To return to viewing all CodeUnit content, simply click on the Everything! Menu item.

You’ll notice that the category selection forces all content on the site to follow suit, so looking at the site information at the bottom of the page you’ll find that the latest comments, latest posts, random posts and most viewed entries now look only at the currently selected categories’ posts for their stats.

Cool. Now I feel good about my blog again. :)

Blog word.