20080805_FifaWas a good one, I won’t lie. Although Friday didn’t quite work out as planned admittedly.

So District 9 was on the cards for Friday evening at Ster Kinekor, Tygervalley, and after a few bouts of Fifa on the Xbox to pass the time, Chantelle finally joined Ryan and myself from Gordon’s Bay and off we twiddled to the mall where Ryan and I got busy with organising the tickets and Chantelle set about getting snacks.

One small snag though.

District 9 was fully booked. And unfortunately for us, there was nothing else on the circuit that even piqued our interest. Which would explain why we then found ourselves seated at McDonalds eating a McFlurry, popcorn and a milkshake with fries for supper.

Saturday and after being abandoned by Mom, Pops and Ryan (who was incidentally on a picnic for the day), I sent out an emergency bat call to Mr. T. and before I could blink twice, he raced up in his red mini and we immediately confiscated Ryan’s Xbox and proceeded to play Fifa for pretty much the whole morning, only broken up for a bit of a stroll through Tygervalley in search of the fabled Batman: Arkham Asylum (which we didn’t find).

The Wallabies were proving to strong for the Bokke, so Fifa kind of continued through that, and when Ryan finally returned home, Province was proving to be too strong for those piddly Bulls, so Fifa got played through that. However, before you accuse me of just lounging around home and playing games all day, I did spend some time with the visiting Grans (and played quite a bit of God Hand true), and more importantly, come evening it was off to Dean and Zania’s pad where Ryan and I met up with Chantelle, Damen, Michelle, Dean, Zania, Evan and his new wife, Natasha, for a scrumptious braai and for myself at least, copious amounts of beer.

It was nice.

Sunday was Chantelle’s mom Cheryl’s birthday and in celebration of it, the Montgomery clan travelled through to GB to hook up with Chantelle and then extended the trip further up the road, all the way to Rooi Els in fact where we ended up seated and dining at a quaint little art gallery/restaurant that trades by the name Something Els.

This completely two-man run operation proved to be quite the surprise, serving up some absolutely delicious food in a rather unexpected venue, and just by looking at the supper menu that hints at a range of exotic flavours and aromas, this certainly seems to be one of those hidden little surprises you’ll be sure to visit in the future again.

It was a long lunch, and by the time we finally got back to the flat, we pretty much kicked out the Montgomery clan and claimed our bed as new found territory of the Afternoon Nap, a much desired piece of property that ate up much of our time conquering.

Which would explain that when we did eventually wake up, it was just right to order some Ooskus and settle down to catch Demolition Man.

(Oh, and when I did finally make it home last night after quite a stressful drive along the R300 in the pouring rain, I feel that I need to admit that I once again switched on the old console and played some more God Hand. Man I’m enjoying that game again!)

Okay. Can’t think of anything more to write. Guess I’ll just call it quits for now then…