Alarm PanelRight, so I’m quite a few days into my living back with the parents phase and this morning just before 06:00, after an enjoyable breakfast consisting of Chocbits and a piece of toast, I noticed Joey (actually named Jor-el but Mom prefers Joey) trying to get out of the kitchen window. So dutifully standing up, I advanced on the window and proceed to open it up.

All of a sudden, all hell broke loose as the house alarm flared up at full tilt, screaming its head off and waking my unfortunate parents who were still fast asleep in bed. Naturally, I couldn’t turn the damn thing off because I don’t know any of the access codes, let alone the code to give when ADT called (which they did rather promptly I’ll let you know), so Pops had to shuffle out of bed on the other side of the house at a pretty quick pace in order to come silence the restless beast (Ryan had already left on an early morning walk – hmm, I wonder if he suspected that this might happen and thus left before he got involved?).

Well at least now the parentals can rest assured that their alarm system is working perfectly – as can the rest of their neighbours living in Oakglen!

Hmm, so seeing that I have now managed to trip both Monty and Pop’s house alarm systems inadvertently now, perhaps I should switch careers and become a certified house alarm tester? O.o