Chase Jarvis PunchThe strong man is dangerous.
The fast man is dominant.
But the accurate man is deadly.


Leverage and technique can nullify a strong man.
Distance and timing can neutralize a fast man.
An accurate man however is always deadly because everything he does is effective.

Think about it. When you throw a punch, where are you aiming? If you’re aiming at the face, what would happen should you miss your mark? What would you hit?

Here is a simple approach, something to keep in the back of your mind, to changing your training mindset in moving towards a greater emphasis on the accuracy of your techniques:

“When you are aiming for, let’s say, the face, don’t just aim at the face, aim at the chin.
Not just the chin, aim for the middle of the chin.
Not just the middle of the chin, aim for the dimple in the middle of the chin.
Not just the dimple in the middle of the chin, aim for the freckle in the middle of the dimple.
Not just the freckle in the middle of the dimple, aim for the hair growing out of the middle of the freckle.
Now, suppose you miss the hair, you still might get the freckle or the dimple or the middle of the chin or the chin or even the face, but if you just aim for the face and you miss the face, what do you hit?”

Remember, both speed and power are good, but keep in mind that accuracy is better. And if these three can be combined, then you’re left with quite a dangerous fellow.

(Sensei Birgitt passed this nugget of wisdom on to us last night at class, and seeing as I like sharing, I thought I would pass it along here as well. Unfortunately I don’t have a reference for it, so apologies to the original author then – who should probably apologize to Wyatt Earp anyway.)