rage expo south africarAge is probably South Africa’s premier (if not only) gaming expo and 2009’s edition is fast approaching, setting down hard from October th 2nd to the 4th, Coca-Cola Dome as per usual. Now I’m not a hardcore gamer and so I’ve never bothered making the trip up country to attend before, but the reason I am highlighting the 2009 even is this:

Albert, Andy’s husband in case you’re wondering, you know, the bright orange bearded man with the ponytail, was approached to whip up some promotional video material for the event. Of course, not willing to step down from a challenge (after all, he does write for Binnelanders which must be tough as hell because I’m not sure how you keep people glued day in and day out to a soapie of all things) and on a budget of R40, he came up with these two absolute gems! :)