amplehosting logoRight. Back again. As a loyal reader you would have noticed that (and all my other subdomains) has been down over the last couple of days. And if you didn’t notice, then obviously you’re not a loyal enough reader. So pfft to you then!

Anyway, the missing subdomains occurred thanks to Ryan’s credit card expiring and AmpleHosting not picking up on this. The way we currently manage the server is that Ryan and I share it, the amount for the server gets deducted from his account every month and I reimburse him every second month (though we do swipe a few groats from Mr. Brown as well, seeing as is hosted on our space as well).

So anyhow, the expired credit card caused us to fall in arrears without knowing it, and because AmpleHosting didn’t inform us of the break in payment, we simply continued unaware until they cut off all our subdomains (the main and domains were unaffected though).

Obviously we tried to contact and rectify the situation as soon as we were made aware of it, but for the first time ever, AmpleHosting let us down in terms of support by not replying to any of our mails or noticing the updated payment details which Ryan changed as soon as he noticed the problem.

Strange. I guess it is true what they say about never noticing all the good work of a company but ALWAYS noticing and making a fuss of the bad things. Sorry AmpleHosting, but I do feel you guys could have opened communication lines with us sooner. Luckily for you, outside of this one issue we’re still very happy with your hosting services, so you can continue with making a few pennies off us! :)

Oh well, at least it does seem to be sorted out for now and for the loyal fans of, I am now back… for as long as we’ve got funds in the piggy I guess!