Katabox ExerciseSjoe, it’s no wonder that at gym this morning my knee said out in a loud voice, “Hold on a minute there buddy! Get off the Orbitrek and hit the shower now. I refuse to work any more this morning, end of story!”. After all, I have just been training for the last 9 days straight, and look set to continue this trend pretty much all the way up to the wedding!

Last week alone I went for a gym session Monday to Friday morning, trained hard at Karate on Monday and Wednesday evening, enjoyed a double whammy of Katabox followed by badminton on Thursday night and then rounded everything off with a double dose of squash on Saturday and Sunday morning.

So needless to say, last night’s extended Kiba dachi (horse stance) karate session (thanks to the grading form I’m now expected to learn) was the final straw that broke this knee’s back, not surprising when I look back at what I’ve been up to in terms of cardio workouts! Guess it’s back to the arm workouts then until the little guy recovers a bit – maybe FIFA tonight the Mr. Ryan? My thumbs could always use the extra twiddle workout! :P

Oh and while I’m on the topic of exercise, apart from the fun badminton on Thursday which I rather enjoyed, it was the squash on Saturday and Sunday that proved the most invigorating to me. Courts and I STILL haven’t mended our broken relationship and to be honest, my knee probably won’t ever let me get back with them in the way in which I used to enjoy their companionship long ago, but every now and again, just when no knee is looking, I will enjoy a quick snuggle with my secret love and these two past squash sessions certainly proved to be a most enjoyable snuggle! :)

(Indeed, this was a bit of a nonsensical post, wasn’t it? O.o)