Happily, our big day is finally getting close enough that you feel like you can almost reach out and touch it. The seventh of November is now well under two months away and as such we can once more pick up our organising hats in earnest.

As it is, tonight sees Chantelle and myself get the more unromantic part of getting married out of the way, by meeting up in Kuilsriver for an audience with lawyer Albert Marais in order to get all those nasty little prenuptial contracts and things like that out of the way.

Then there are all the RSVPs that have slowly but steadily been trickling in, and with about 10 days left to go, we’ve got 72 confirms and 7 declines out of a 108 in total, meaning that we’re still waiting on about 15 couples or so to get back to us. So all in all, not a bad response at all or so I’ve been told.

Chantelle should also be picking up her newly crafted wedding ring from the jeweller today sometime and we’ll be purchasing mine on the weekend, so that front is nicely covered too. Other than that, there is still the work with regards to little gift boxes, menus and place settings to be done, but outside of those, not all that much planning and organising remains.

Heck, even both of our leave for our honeymoon period has been granted already!

I’m telling you, with the help of my fanatical spreadsheet usage and Chantelle’s telephone and email communication prowess, this must one of the smoothest wedding preparations ever! :)

wedding bouquet lying on the ground