Well, the weekend didn’t kick off on a great note, thanks to another project management bungle at Touchwork that saw me working late to try and implement a solution for which a deadline had been promised without consulting any of the developers who would be responsible for implementing it, and in addition completely ignored a previous communication from me as to when it could be expected to be done by in the first place!

Anyway, thankfully the weekend quickly picked up speed after I finally arrived home, with Chantelle dropping by in order to pick me us so that we could join up with Malcolm, Andri, Gary, Michelle and two of their friends at the swanky Zelbidone fine dining restaurant in Tyger Waterfront in celebration of Michelle’s 27th birthday. As could be expected from such a wonderful dining setup, the service was excellent and the food simply divine, and thanks to some great conversation, we pretty much ended up spending the entire evening huddled around the table enjoying ourselves immensely!

Saturday and our driving roles reversed, with me driving through to Gordon’s Bay to hook up with Chantelle (who was working again thanks to the bosses being away once again). Eventually we managed to slip away though and off to Somerset Mall we jetted, where I was delighted to find that the wedding band that Chantelle had scouted earlier in the week was indeed EXACTLY the one that I was looking for and without much hassle or fuss, we can now tick off yet another thing on our rapidly dwindling wedding to do list! We followed the wedding band up with a quick spot of grocery shopping and then stopped off at Subway for a delicious fresh lunch sub when we spotted the advert for Karate Kallie currently showing at the mall’s Ster Kinekor.

Eager to catch what surely had the potential to be a fun afternoon laugh Afrikaans-style, we were mortified to discover that you really can’t do worse with a movie camera. SHIT movie, avoid at all costs! Seriously can’t believe that the mall is showing this above Crank 2, the idiots! No wonder they don’t make any money any more with their poor decisions of what movies to screen at their outlets…

Anyway, there was still enough time for a good afternoon nap before Chantelle needed to head back to the guest house and so we enjoyed a quick shut eye in the sun before trundling back to the guest house, where we indulged in some delicious boerewors rolls for supper. The evening progressed rapidly enough (we even managed to sneak out for a quick stroll along the beach), and finally the time came that Chantelle could lock up and go, though her quest for an Uncle Barry’s softserve ice-cream was squashed when we discovered that the shop closes a LOT earlier than what she was SO sure that they did! :D

Late night Saturday and of course the fun loving people that Chantelle and I are were up doing admin, paying for her ring and working out our net worths’ for Albert the Lawyer so that he can go ahead and start on our marriage contracts that are in the process of being set up. However, we did end the evening off on a high note, practicing in earnest our First Dance for the wedding. I think we’ve pretty much settled now on what we are going to do, and can’t help but be excited for the moment when it does finally arrive!

And then of course it was all the way back to Bellville for me.

Sunday morning, and once again I slept through the weekly squash battle so this weekend was a complete loss on that front, but I did end up hitting the shops with Ryan in order to return some faulty purchases that he had made the previous day. Of course, as is always the case when the two of us find ourselves together, a visit to the Figure Fanatix shop was inevitable! (No purchases this time though!)

As for the rest of the day, I spent it in full relax mode, and apart from a walk down to Spar for movie snack supplies, I spent the rest of the time watching Green Lantern: First Flights, clocking God Hand (what an awesome game in the end!) and lounging in front of Ninja Warrior! From there I suffered horribly at the hands of Ryan over some FIFA on the Xbox and after a brief stint of co-op Samurai Warriors 2, I returned to bed to console myself by losing myself in comic books.

Indeed, a geeky end to my weekend, just the way I like it! :)

Okami God Hand