Haloumi CheeseEish, I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere along the line it did. I opened my arms to Haloumi cheese, embraced it and now love it. Damn you Chantelle for introducing me to this deliciously friable, damn expensive cheese!

I remember how back in the day, I scoffed at you for purchasing that expensive block of yellow, boastfully claiming that none of my friends would ever have heard the word haloumi, let alone like it, but, as our first fondue together went on to prove, I was in fact the only troglodyte present as all my friends were far more sophisticated and knowledgeable than me when it came to the giddy world of haloumi cheese! My word, who would have guessed.

Since then we’ve had a few fondues every now and then, and I’m secretly overjoyed when Chantelle forces me to hand over my hard earned groats in exchange for the overpriced, vacuum-packed block of taai goodness, eagerly looking forward to the moment that I can impale a few lifeless yellow blocks and dump them into the bubbling oil.

The taste, the texture, oh what an experience.

Which then explains just why I so enjoyed all the leftovers from Thursday night’s fondue, even if I had to microwave everything in order to eat it. And for the record, haloumi microwaves just fine it would seem! :)

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