Cobra Ratanga JunctionOopsie, you go out with a girl for well over two years and you think you know her, right? Well apparently not, as our recent trip through to Ratanga Junction on Friday went on to prove! :P

Seeing as by some grand miracle, or twist of fate as you would have it, both Chantelle and I had gotten the long four day weekend off, we decided to make the most of it by packing it as full of entertainment value as what we possibly could, meaning that a trip through to Cape Town’s one and only theme park was most definitely on the cards, especially since Chantelle has yet to visit there in all the time she has been living here in the Cape!! (Shocking, I know)

So off we darted early Friday morning, arriving in the new parking zone with oodles of time before official gate opening and after a short wait in the ‘reception area’ (and R240 later), we ambled through the metal detectors and hit the ground strolling. My entire aim leading up to the day had been to shoot through straight to The Cobra, ride it four or five times and then take on the rest of the park as it came, but the allure of Monkey Falls was simply too strong as we ambled on by, and so I grabbed C by the hand and pulled her inside. As it turned out, we were their second customer for the day and so we quickly hopped into an empty log and set out over the slightly tranquil waters.

At this stage I should have realised that something wasn’t quite right. For almost the entire trip Chantelle clung behind me and when we went down the various slides I believe that she didn’t even open her eyes once, though of course, getting splashed full of water wasn’t helping that particular cause much either.

Soaked, we then briskly strode through to The Cobra where we joined the few other people that had decided to enter Ratanga as early as what we had on the day, and when it got to be our turn to ride, I eagerly strapped myself in while Chantelle worriedly eked her way into her seat. Needless to say, this was not a good sign. The ride took off and that was quite frankly the last I heard from Chantelle, as I eagerly screamed and laughed my way through the lightning quick (and admittedly fairly daunting) fun ride, disappointed when only a few seconds later it was all over already, far too short for my liking of course!

My whooping enthusiasm was however rather dampened when I realised that there wasn’t much of a response coming from C’s side of the ride and when I got out to unclip her (she was struggling to get out), I was in for a rather big surprise, as there sat Chantelle, obviously quite shaken and with great big tears in her eyes.

Needless to say, there were no more frenetic fun rides for her for the rest of the day. But the bumper cars? Man, thank goodness she enjoyed the bumper cars! (Could it have been a subtle form of revenge on me for taking her on the Cobra or soaking her on Monkey Falls? I’m not so sure, but my kidneys sure beg to differ!)

As it ended up, I only did one or two more rides by myself for the rest of the time that we were in the park, and I can now say that without a doubt, riding on roller-coasters and the like by one’s self really isn’t all that fun, meaning that I now definitely need to grow some kids to use as an excuse to ride more rides in the future! But we did enjoy a nice day together, had a nice lunch, lekker ice-creams, and were entertained by an excellent show put on by the Fusion Hip Hop Crew, a visual spectacular that saw a variety of singing, dancing, comedy and absolutely brilliant break dancing acts performed literally right in front of us. Awesome stuff.

So in other words, a fun day in the sun, but perhaps not so much a good morning that poor C would like to remember for quite a long time to come!

(Hmm, so then maybe typing this up in my blog might not be such a good thing after all? O.o)