20091014-Neon-Genesis-EvangelionOne more weekend ticked off the calendar and we’re pretty much on the home straight to the big day now folks! :)

The weekend itself wasn’t particularly memorable though if I glance back at it. Tired from all the driving between Westlake, Gordon’s Bay and Bellville during the week, I initiated a “I’m not driving anywhere this weekend protocol” which meant that Friday evening was spent consuming Stikland fish and chips, watching Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes on my lonesome and then finally playing Rummikub with Pops and Mom, before crashing in bed and getting a much needed rest.

Of course, come Saturday morning and I couldn’t resist joining Ryan and Pops for some early morning squash and I’m happy to say that my knee really does seem to be handling the squash quite well these days, without even the slightest of niggles despite all my running around the court. After a quick shower I then hit the shops to do a spot of grocery shopping at Tygervalley before Chantelle was to arrive in Bellville, and as luck would have it, my early morning scout turned up an absolute gem in that I found the wedding band I’ve been looking for on the first try! Of course, I couldn’t very well buy it as that is just not how it works and so I immediately phoned Chantelle to tell her the good news. (Needless to say, she was over the moon to hear it because it meant that we no longer had to spend the rest of the day drudging through shopping centres looking at wedding bands!)

Back home I killed some time with Ryan by challenging him to FIFA (where Lady Luck finally swung my way at last) before heading back out to the shops to hook up with Chantelle, buy the rings, bump into Dean and Zania and enjoy a quick bite to eat at McDonalds for lunch. Our camera hunt on the other hand turned up yet another dud…

Then it was on to mission two for the day, namely making photocopies of the various ID documents we needed for marriage licence purposes and having them certified at Brackenfell police station (it was the closest, so no particular reason for picking that one). Thankfully that process ran really, really smoothly and then it was back home for me to catch some more Neon Genesis Evangelion while C and her mom went clothes shopping – the bane of any red-blooded manly man.

Evening was rung in with a delicious braai in the company of Mom, Pops, Ryan and C and with the New Zealand versus Pakistan game on in the background, the hours rolled by pretty damn quickly! :)

(Did however suffer a disastrous tragedy when on removing my contact lenses before hitting sack, my elbow managed to hit the lampshade, causing the lens to fly off my finger and disappear to who knows where. Why a disaster? Because my spares are all kept in Gordon’s Bay, meaning that my “I’m not driving anywhere this weekend protocol” had now come to a rather abrupt end, with a full Sunday of the weekend still to go)

Sunday morning meant the missing of squash as I instead joined Chantelle and darted off through to Christ Church Blaauwberg, where we enjoyed a great sermon and then met up to chat with Gary, the pastor who will be marrying us come the big day. He happily accepted the documents we had gathered together and then launched into a good discussion over what to expect and what needs to be done for the ceremony part of our wedding day, leaving us with some interesting decisions to make and points to ponder.

From there it was back to Bellville in order to gather all our stuff and then drive through to Gordon’s Bay, stopping off at Somerset Mall on the way in. There we at last managed to secure a Sony W210 Cyber-shot camera (though we couldn’t get it in the black that we originally had wanted), meaning that finally that particular wedding gift search is now officially over, much to Ryan’s relief (but not really his pocket) I’m sure! :P

Some boerewors rolls for lunch and then it was time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, mowing down the remaining table menu print outs and getting the office space back into shape. Needless to say, that took up pretty much the rest of the day, leaving us only with the tiniest of evening for relaxation, kicking off with Chantelle enjoying a showing of Strictly Come Dance on BBC Entertainment and me Wanted (on Action I think it was) after that.

All of which of course meant that I only got home around midnight and have once again started today off with only five hours of sleep to my credit, exactly the situation I was trying to avoid in the first place!

Oh well, looking at my calendar it doesn’t seem like this week is going to be any better, no use grumbling about it, so maybe I’d better start thinking of rolling out my “I’m not driving anywhere this weekend protocol” protocol for the upcoming weekend already! :P