Senior software engineer (well, that’s what his website says) Ralph Arvesen provides a pretty nifty little Windows shell extension (that’s an application that hooks into the operating system) in the form of Copy Path, a simple application that attaches itself to Window’s native right-click context menu handler and displays the file path for any file or folder right-clicked upon.

Once installed, on right-click of a file or folder, you will see a menu option reading Copy Path. Expanding its sub menu you will now find clickable menu items for the relevant file path, folder name, file name and UNC variants of the aforementioned, as well as an Options item that allows you to customize Copy Path’s behaviour. Clicking on any of the file information items automatically copies that string to the clipboard, meaning you can now simply copy and paste the file address without having to do any address bar manipulations as you might have had to before.


You can get more information surrounding Copy Path as well as a download for it here:

Copy Path Screenshot

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Update: It seems as if the author has taken his original page offline. So to simplify matters, here is an alternative download link to use: Download Copy Path 1.1