Vista comes with a sneaky little extra in the form of the secret right-click context menu, useless to most but pretty damn cool for all us power users out there. By holding down Shift and right-clicking on any file or folder, you’ll notice that at least two new menu options are now available to you, namely the “Open Command Window Here” and “Copy as Path” options.

The first option (only available when clicking on a folder) essentially launches a command line prompt with the working directory already changed to the currently selected folder while the “Copy as Path” option (available when clicking on both files and folders) copies the full path name (with the correct quotation marks) to the Windows clipboard, thus allowing you to simply paste it wherever it might be needed.

What is particularly interesting about the former option is should you right-click on a network location, Vista will automatically map a folder to the network resource, open up a command prompt pointing to this now valid drive letter, and once the prompt is closed, simply remove the mapped drive again.


Vista Secret Context Menu