I haven’t spoken much about her since I purchased her, probably because I haven’t used her all that much just yet, thanks to the fact that she is sitting a million miles away in Gordon’s Bay while I languish for much of my time at my temporary residence in Bellville. So Chantelle is certainly more versed in her usage than what I am at the moment, but regardless of that I can still marvel at her elegant lines, a reflective beauty, her large surface area and the sheer elegance that she exudes merely from sitting in a room.

She is of course my newly purchased Samsung Series 5 40-inch full HD LCD television. She set me back a hefty R11 000, but the deal was sweetened considerably when House and Home tossed in a free Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player, and of course, she’s proving more than worth every single cent I paid for her thus far. And if seeing is believing…

40 inch Samsung Series 5 LCD TV

So, with more inputs, options and features than what you can shake a stick at, she’s even more flexible than this lady:

Flexible Woman


Oh and the photo comes courtesy of a nifty silver Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W210 digital camera that Ryan has purchased for Chantelle and myself in celebration of our upcoming wedding. Of course this was just a test shot to make sure everything is working okay on the camera, so no worries Ryan, it is already safely back in its box and waiting for its official unveiling to come later! :)

(In case you are wondering, the screenshot comes from Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker, and oldish animated movie from Warner Bros. that’s only available in 4:3. Which explains the black bars along the sides then! I don’t like watching stretched out images, so there! :P)