Batman Beyond CoverBrilliant, exactly what I needed! Considering that last week was so jam-packed with some critical work, the usual gym and karate sessions, katabox and badminton on Thursday evening, a visitation by both set of parentals on Wednesday evening for a Chantelle-produced roast leg of lamb and then of course Tuesday evening’s trip out with the Lotter parentals to On Broadway to catch the hilarious Joe Barber duo, it’s no wonder that I disparately craved a weekend much about nothing, and as I can now gratefully report, that’s exactly what happened in the end! :)

Seeing as Chantelle was working this weekend, we had previously organised that I’d only head out to GB on Saturday, meaning that Friday evening kicked off with some serious FIFA kick abouts, courtesy of Ryan and Terrance who had seen it fit to bring along his newly captured FIFA 2010, a game that so far seems to have built on perfectly from the last iteration, particularly when it comes to the new 360 degree dribbling engine.

Saturday morning I opted to skip squash with the guys thanks to a body that was particularly knackered and instead found myself getting up, getting ready and heading off the bank to deal with a mysterious SMS regarding a missing form that I had received earlier in the week. After a fairly lengthy visitation, I finally managed to escape with said document signed and complete, and off I drove to GB, eager to waste away the entire day on organising my office, eating copious amounts of snacks, watching tons of TV and just in general lazing away before I finally got cracking on yet more wedding stuff. And so I did exactly what I set out to do, polishing off Neon Genesis Evangelion, Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker and Batman/Superman: The Movie in the process.

Of course, I got in a fair bit of wedding design and printing stuff as well, and once Chantelle had finally joined me after yet another long day in the saddle, we set about happily organising and ticking yet more things off our to-do list. The evening rushed by far quicker than what I had expected to, and when we finally finished up with our work around 23:00, I took one look outside at the rather miserable and very windy weather outside and made the difficult decision to spend the evening in GB, marking the first time C and I have slept under the same roof since the making of our decision to live apart up until the wedding!

Anyway, in the end I’m glad I did take the decision because it meant I got far more sleep than what I would have otherwise and once Chantelle had headed out to work the next morning, I got busy doing another round of wedding design and printing and after a quick pop in for coffee and a muffin at the guest house, I was back on my horse and off to Bellville where I joined the waiting Lotter clan for a delicious lunch time braai.

From there the Sunday played itself out as a complete creature of leisure, time passing thanks to a whole lot of Craig and Ryan FIFA and Samurai Warriors match-ups, a nice two hour afternoon sleep jammed in the middle, a stroll down to the Spar for supplies and some quality time behind the keyboard where I’m working on a solution to pull my data out of an Access database and plonk it into a MySQL instance.

In other words, yes, this weekend was a complete and utter waste of my precious time after all… and I absolutely loved every second of it! So come on week, I ready for you now! :P

P.S. My new TV really is awesome, particularly now that I’ve actually watched stuff on it! :)