Well, old Jetta Jameson has now proved that she really doesn’t like the rain, because eventually after completely drying off, she was once again up and at them, ready to hit the road – at a fairly noisy and bumpy pace I might note. So, if I can get the boss to agree, I’ll try and fit her in for a much needed service next week. *sigh*, I’m not sure just how much more battering my poor little wallet can take! (Seriously, this wedding and honeymoon needs to come and go again sooner than later – my poor bank account WANTS a breather from it all! :P)

Working from Mom’s place in Bellville proved to be a frustrating experience with no dedicated office space or hardline into the network, meaning that my laptop chugged along on its VERY unreliable wireless connection which in turn meant a very unproductive morning I’m afraid (the presence of Ryan and FIFA didn’t help either). Thankfully though, Jetta Jameson did eventually make herself drivable (as noted above) and without further ado, I packed up and headed back to my office in GB where I set about quickly catching up all the time I’d missed in term of work for the day. (Unfortunately of course, I did screw up a little and all the code changes I made were neatly overwritten by Steve who was transferring the SVN changes up just before he left. Needless to say, I can kick myself from not communicating what I was doing with him in the first place! Doh!)

Karate practice was good as always and I’ve really got the second kata down quite nicely now, finding myself often helping out Ian and James with some of the trickier parts, though the evening took a twist when we learned that there’s a possible Funakoshi split hanging about in the air. As it was, I ended up chatting with Sensei Birgitt and Sempai Gert for a good while after training and unfortunately for Chantelle’s sake, only got back at about 20:30 from the night’s session!

Suprisingly enough though, me the anti-pasta guy found the tagliateli meal that C had prepared for us rather palatable, and it complemented all the wine I was drinking perfectly! :)

Unfortunately that did have the impact of us not getting nearly all the wedding stationery stuff doen that we had wanted to, meaning that tonight I’m going to forgo my only chilled evening of the week and instead drive through to GB after work to get cracking on getting the wedding programme composition and seating lists printing all in order.

So busy, busy, busy as per usual in the life of Craig! :P

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