Neon Genesis Evangelion

Over the last month or so I’ve thoroughly enjoyed re-visiting that classic piece of anime legend, Neon Genesis Evangelion, hungrily ploughing through that awesome Platinum box (tin?) set that I laid my hands on for an absolute steal a little while ago. However, as much as I do enjoy the series, the characters, the exceedingly organically designed mecha, I’ve got to admit to being once again horribly annoyed by that damn stupid episode 25 and 26 ending that GAINAX forced down our throats the first time around.

Sure it was highly experimental, something never done on TV before and thus something that fits perfectly into GAINAX’s gung ho trailblazing profile, but damn it was annoying. Yes, I understand that while episodes 1 to 24 told the story fitting to the theme like any normal series would, episodes 25 and 26 instead flipped this around and explained away the theme as the story, but crappit, it really is a let down and a cop out after all that time and effort put into watching the first 24 episodes in my opinion!

Thank goodness GAINAX did eventually see it fit to remake episodes 25 and 26 following the normal story mode, because it now gives me something to go back and dig out in order to quell my disappointment and once again get me all gushy about the masterpiece that was Neon Genesis Evangelion!

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