South African Police Service SAPS EmblemRight, hats off to the Gordon’s Bay police department that did such a tremendous job in locating stolen property on Wednesday following a theft at Chantelle’s Gordon’s Beach Lodge late Tuesday evening.

Now outside in the braai area at the guest house, sits a mounted, one of a kind, signed Sir Cliff Richard golden LP, valued easily over R10k if not more than that, and on Tuesday night a man on a single-guy theft run, saw it fit to enter the premises and swipe said LP without anyone knowing any better.

The robbery was only discovered on Wednesday morning and Chantelle dutifully alerted the police as soon as she became aware of the situation, worried about poor Sir Cliffy’s current whereabouts. Thankfully though, it wasn’t more than a few hours later when she got a phone call from the police informing her that they had picked up the suspect trying to flog said LP to some road-workers for around R800. Alongside him in his silver Corsa bakkie was a whole lot of other stolen jewellery and merchandise from his evening’s theft run, so it’s pretty much an open and shut case at this point in time.

So, stupid white trash from Hangklip, try working to earn your drug, booze or whatever money next time and to the SAPS, once again, thank you for the excellent work in dealing with this incident and bringing the criminal to justice as quickly as you guys did!

You guys deserve a round of applause, no matter what anyone else says, because quite frankly, the police are forever getting a bad rep despite the awesome work you do, the work that no one else wants to do in the first place!

Thank you.