Man Sleeps on LaptopAt long last! Eight uninterrupted hours of beautiful sleep! The first time in I don’t know how long! :)

Seriously though, last night I simply crashed. The day started off with the usual jog on the treadmill, followed by the normal stint in the office, but by the time 17:00 rolled into sight, I was completely finished. So I skipped katabox, drove home, ate supper with the family, curled on the couch, missed them leave for badminton, woke up, watched a quick episode of Aika R-16 on the laptop and then hit the sack – before the clock had even struck 21:00!

I assume that my bokkie must have wondered what happened to me as I saw this morning she’d SMS’d me during the evening, but unfortunately for her I sleep like a log when I slumber – meaning that not even a Mount Vesuvius eruption can wake me!

But it worked. This morning I’m feeling fresher than what I’ve felt this whole week so far and now I’m all set to enjoy Gary’s 30th, G-themed birthday bash tonight (I’m going as a geek, complete with white shirt, pens in the pocket, spectacles and my hair combed in a side path if you have to know), squash with Ryan tomorrow morning (depending on my return time from the party of course!) and then an early round of golf at Worcester on Sunday morning with Ryan and Pops.

Should be fun :)