Gary and Michelle OllewagenSorry for the delayed post, busy at work as always, but just wanted to mention that I had a blast this past weekend actually, apart from the disappointing Western Province loss to those damn Bulls of course! :P

Friday kicked off with a G-themed birthday party in celebration of Gary’s 30th birthday, held at the Oakdale Club in, well Oakdale. Despite us being worried about arriving late, it ended up that we were actually one of the first couples to arrive, Chantelle decked from head to toe like a purple, jangly Genie, while I assumed a more moderate persona by donning a bow-tie, placing some pens in my pocket and gelling my hair into a neat sideways path, completing my Geek look without too much fuss. Michelle as always had put a heck of a lot of effort into the do and the evening was complete with a buffet spit, actual seating arrangements, cake, a DJ and of course plenty of decorations and balloons, the perfect foil to all the wonderfully wacky, weird and colourful costumes that were to make an appearance on the night.

Of course, there were a lot of Golfers and Goths to be seen for the most part, but there were certainly some more inventive attempts, including the likes of a Gynaecologist, Garbage lady, Gran (guy dressed in drag) and my personal favourite, a Gold-digger (lady completely dressed from head to toe in gold, complete with gold boots and even a little golden plastic spade!)

Admittedly, the evening got off to a rather slow start, despite the excellent food on offer, but once I FINALLY managed to coax Chantelle out onto the dancefloor things quickly heated up, and in the end we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the night, and by the look of things, Gary ended up having an absolute blast hanging out at the bar as well! :)

Saturday was to be made up pretty much of shopping, with me joining Ryan on a quick Tygervalley shopping spree and then Chantelle for a spot of wedding cake knife and lifter sourcing, suspended only by a delicious breakfast courtesy of good old Mugg & Bean. Our mission turned out not to be that successful however, and after a rather unrewarding trip through to Canal Walk, we decided to call it quits and Chantelle returned to work in GB while I headed off back home, where after a quick walk down to Spar for some supplies, Ryan and I settled down to enjoy the cricket and then rugby that was on display. (And munch on Stikland fish and chips for supper I might add!)

Seeing as Ryan too had a party on for the evening and Mr. Brown wasn’t answering his phone, I was left to my own devices for the evening and set about playing Ryan’s Devil May Cry 4, which looks absolutely stunning on the 40 inch hi-def screen it must be said! The game plays very similar to my all time favourite Devil May Cry 3, so its needless to say that the night passed a lot quicker than what I could have imagined thanks to the sheer immersion in this latest Devil May Cry iteration.

On Sunday it was time for golf (seeing as Claire had whisked away mom for a day at the spa), meaning that Ryan, Pops and I hit the road quite early on in order to make the long drive through to Worcester where we would be teeing off for the day. As it turned out, we were blessed with some absolutely awesome weather (hence the sunburn that now happily adorns my arms and legs), featuring loads of sunshine and almost no wind whatsoever. As per usual, I brought up the rear in terms of golf performances, but by the end of it all I was pretty pleased with my performance, putting in some decent hits and some good putts, though once again my inability to judge power versus distance cost me quite dearly on most of the holes! In terms of balls lost on the day, let’s just say that while the first nine holes were pretty good to me, the remaining nine seemed hell-bent on stealing as many of my balls as possible, leaving me quite relieved that I had opted to purchase some extra just before we teed off earlier the morning!

After a full morning out on the course, we did eventually return back to Bellville, where without much further ado, I hit the shops once more and managed to locate a spiffy silver cake knife/lifter set for the wedding (and with no help from Chantelle I might mention!) and pick up some essentials for the GB house, followed by a lengthy trip through to the two Grans in Kuilsriver, with me spending a good five or so hours in their respective company!! (This is unheard of, believe me! But it really was enjoyable mind you, haven’t sat down and spoken with either of them in absolute ages!)

Finally back home, there was just enough time to munch down on the leftover pizza that had been ordered for supper and start up Yakuza 2 (man those cutscenes are long!) before it was lights off and into bed – for a well deserved rest of course! :)

P.S. Oh, and this now officially concludes my 1500th blog post! Nice.