Magnifying GlassA nice little trick that Vista allows for is the simple zooming in and out of the various explorer folder views by simply holding down Ctrl and using the mouse scroll-wheel to resize the icons either up or down. Of course, you could do exactly the same by simply clicking on the views menu option and changing it accordingly, but this way is far quicker and far more satisfying to those people who hate having to change mouse focus when they’re working on something in the first place.

And as an added bonus, this Ctrl+Scroll-wheel technique even works on your desktop (your beautiful desktop icons resized all the way up to 256×256 photographic-quality renditions! :P) as well as Internet Explorer 8.

Just a note though, don’t test it out on your desktop unless you like having your neatly arranged desktop icons left completely all over the place. I learnt this the hard way unfortunately.