Touchwork Breakfast Mugg Bean Constantia

And when Touchwork isn’t working, we’re out celebrating John and Juan’s sales successes by eating at Rory and Rudi’s expense. Starting with Kim that has her back facing towards us (Dave didn’t give her warning!), going clockwise around the table we have Sven, Rory, John, Moi, Stephen and Juan. Needless to say, Dave is standing behind the lens on this one. (He is also the one who uploaded this piccie to Facebook long before anyone could stop him because we all had our mouths full. Sneaky)

So there, you now have an image of 66.6% of who’s who at Touchwork, just in case you were wondering. Glad you’re now up to speed though the specific role breakdown is of course a secret (because I don’t feel like typing any more). But I’ll let slip that Stephen is currently my resident monkey if that helps.

Breakfast was at the Mugg & Bean at Old Constantia Village in, wait for it, Constantia, and it was pretty darn good, though I couldt have done without the fire drill exercise that accompanied it.

True, this breakfast team-building event did already take place on Thursday morning last week, but damn it, here at Touchwork we’ve got work to do and don’t have time to post silly pictures up on the web! So there! :P