Albert Marais LawyerSo last week Thursday Chantelle and I cleared the final legal hurdle before the big day, that being the signing of our Antenuptial (or prenuptial) contract (and Wills as a wayside), all drawn up by the extremely affable, knowledgeable and extremely helpful Albert Marais, one of the directors of Marais Muller Yekiso Attorneys, and more importantly, a good friend of the Montgomery family.

Although both Chantelle and I had a vague idea around the whole married outside of community of property concept, it certainly wasn’t until after we met with Albert that we understood the true implication of just how important choosing the correct marriage contract actually is.

As it turns out, this prenuptial contract is pretty vital and of course we went with pretty much the modern day de facto of marrying outside of community of property with accrual in effect, meaning that a) we can be clever in guarding our assets should we branch out into our own business ventures one day, and b) should things somehow go pear shaped in the future, at least we’ll both come out of it on our own two feet.

It’s an unpleasant and almost unthinkable thing to think about at this stage of course, but one kind of has to turn off the heart and turn on the head and as such we’ve now happily signed our contracts (and paid next to nothing for them by the way – thanks Albert, we owe you one!) and now can turn our attention firmly on the 7th of November which is now certainly thundering down towards us.

Only 12 more days to go you know! :P

P.S. For more info and advise on South African prenup contracts, check out, a good source of information on the topic!