Ryan Lotter House

Despite my fat ass blocking the view a bit, this is just one of the photos showcasing Ryan’s soon to be home that we went and took measurements for on Saturday morning. This was the first time I’ve been into the actual property and I must say I’m really impressed. True, it’s an old house but that makes it one of those spacious houses, which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

Plenty of space equals tons of decorating options and not a single carpet in sight, the selling point for me being the generous mix of tiled and solid wood floors that make up pretty much the whole house. The bathrooms have been nicely upgraded and Ryan has a beautiful grassy back lawn which is perfect for an outdoor patio set to complement his already purchased, gigantic Weber braai.

And with his 40 inch LCD already in the back, four man FIFA may just have found its newest locale! :)

To view the rest of the photos of boet’s awesome purchase, skip over to Facebook as per usual.

(Oh, and eager not to be left behind, I hear that Claire’s long awaited renovations have finally kicked off today, meaning that her flat is about to undergo one major facelift! Good luck sis, I’m sure it’s going to look awesome – and that the six weeks out of home is going to be worth it!)

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