Sjoe, talk about an exciting time of the year. Our wedding and honeymoon aside, Juan and Lynne have just had a bouncing baby boy (named Kai), Zania and Dean are due in a week or two’s time (a girl named Zandea), Dean’s birthday was on Wednesday, Michelle’s birthday is today and Chantelle’s birthday is next week Sunday.


Claire and Riley are just about ready to move into their flat after the mammoth renovations have been completed, Ryan moves into his new house next week, My karate grading up to green belt happens next week Saturday, and Dean’s trying to scrape an Action cricket match in some time.

Work is getting busy with a crunching deadline for SANParks approaching and on top of all that, I haven’t even thought of Christmas gifts, nevermind Chantelle’s birthday gift, yet either!

But at least it is good to be back at gym, eating more healthy again (man, the honeymoon was bad in terms of overindulging!) and I can’t wait to pick up karate training next Monday again.

Oh, and Chantelle may just have broken her record for the amount of times she’s used the complex pool in a year. She’s been in it twice with me since our return! :)

Disclaimer: Yes, yes, another pointless post before I tackle the meaty stuff like breaking down the wedding, posting some photos and chronicling the honeymoon. All in good time people, all in good time! :P