spur-logoWhat a classic example of bad service we experienced last Friday evening, the culprit being none other than our favourite Spur franchise of the moment, Indigo Spur situated at Waterstone Village in Somerset West. Now we’ve already shifted away from going to the closest Spur to us, namely Sunset Spur that’s on the beach here in Gordon’s Bay, (because of poor food quality in case you’re wondering) and we tend to give the Spur in the Mall a skip, leaving Indigo Spur as our preferred Spur choice and which is in fact the only one we recommend to people if they’re looking to grab something from South Africa’s most well-known family-orientated restaurant chain.

Anyway, back to the story. So on arrival back home after work on Friday night, Chantelle surprises me by saying that she wishes to treat me to some Spur because she has a craving for Spur ribs and had received a handsome tip from one of her guests at the guest house. Needless to say, there’s no asking me twice if you want to get out of the house, so off we putted to Waterstone Village. Once we arrived, we were slightly taken aback by the huge amount of people waiting to get served, only remembering then that it was pretty much payday weekend meaning that every family under the sun was in line for a bit of treat that night.

However, despite my reservations of visiting restaurants when they are so busy, Chantelle insisted and so we found ourselves waiting in line and eventually being led over to a cosy little two-seater table in the middle of the bustling venue. Things started off alright, with our waiter appearing promptly to take our drinks and food order (Innocent was his name) and we settled down to a nice extended wait as we waited for our starter to arrive. At this point of the evening everything was still fine, our cheesy garlic roll did appear (eventually, but when the place is so busy you need to excuse kitchen wait time because that’s perfectly understandable in the situation) and our first round of drinks were going down well.

But then things began to go pear-shaped.

Chantelle’s mains arrived first, with extremely cold chips I might add, and then we waited for a good fifteen minutes or so before my food arrived, with the added bonus that my beef schnitzel was burnt to a bit of a crisp. As the waiter placed down my food, we asked for a new round of drinks and tucked in, setting a steady pace so as not to plow through all our food before the drinks arrived. However, this proved impossible and despite being assured our drinks would be with us soon a couple of times, they never materialised, meaning that both Chantelle and I finished our food and were left just sitting there like idiots, patientely waiting for our waiter to attend us.Β  After a lengthy wait, Chantelle finally had enough of it all, and so we got up and huffed off to the front of the restaurant in order to settle our bill and leave.

Naturally, as I was standing up (Chantelle was truly quite miffed and in the front settling the bill long before I had even managed to get all my stuff together), the waiter did eventually arrive with our drinks, and it took a few attempts but I eventually made it clear to him that it was far to late for the drinks now and that we were already up front settling the bill.

As for the bill side of things, Chantelle managed to get even angrier when our waiter who had now come to the front to submit the bill tried to include the two drinks which we had never received on the final tally, and so there was a bit of a wait for those to first be removed. Of course, being as pissed off as she was, she wrote down a piece of her mind on the slip before leaving the exact change on the counter (naturally no tip was forthcoming from us on this evening), and off we went, though not before Chantelle returned back to the restaurant to add her name and number to the slip, in the hope that if Spur does actually care about its customer service, it will give her a ring back and inquire to just what the problem was.

Needless to say, our telephone remains silent.