7de-laan-logoThe one thing I never thought I would find myself fighting against on my honeymoon is something I should have guessed might blindside me in the end after all – Chantelle’s undying fandom for the much maligned (by me naturally) Afrikaans SABC soapie, 7de Laan.

Who would have guessed that I would lose out every single day of our honeymoon to that annoying (but catchy) start jingle that signals the end of all attention that my wife may be paying to me, and instead heralds the loss of my woman to another for at least 30 minutes of my life, each and every day.

Seriously. Come rain or shine, if we weren’t on the highway and had a television close by, she would stop all activities (including the breathtaking view that the overflowing Gariep Dam was affording us for example) and race back home to lose herself in the charms of another. We even found ourselves racing back one day, making it back in the nick of time, only to realise that we’d gotten the day wrong and it wasn’t airing – generating much sadness in the room I can assure you!

Sigh. Maybe I should have auditioned and and tried to get on the show in the first place! ;)

So here’s a hint guys. Make sure that when you book into guest houses and hotels for you honeymoon, look out for places that specifically say “no television facilities available!” :P