Ugh, file copying on Vista is a rather uneven affair, sometimes files blip between folders at blistering pace, and other times you may as well go put the kettle on and catch up on the latest anime release while you wait for it to complete. So enter TeraCopy, a brilliant little Windows application that boosts file copy speeds to almost unimaginable proportions.

Essentially TeraCopy is designed to copy and move files at maximum possible speed by using dynamically adjusted buffers in order to reduce seek times. Also, asynchronous copy speeds up file transfers between two physical hard drives and to top it all off, TeraCopy even allows the user to pause a copy process at any stage, instantly freeing up system resources with a click of a button. It features fairly robust error handling and recovery procedures and integrates tightly into the Windows shell, completely replacing the native Explorer copy and move functions.

Runs on Windows 2K, XP, Vista and 7, going even as far as supporting Windows 7 64 bit.