Ninite. Very clever.

If you couldn’t be bothered going through all the individual installers after a clean install of some or other Windows installation, never fear, Ninite is here. Essentially a bulk installer system, Ninite allows you to simply select the best free software packages off their site, generates the resulting installer file, and then lets you grab it off them, leading to a simple single installer experience that will get everything up and running with the absolute minimum of pop-up questions to impede your flow.

The selection of must-have apps featured on the site is pretty damn good it must be said. VLC, Audacity, IrfanView, Paint.Net, uTorrent, you know, the good free stuff.

Outside of that, there isn’t much else left to say regarding Ninite. A well put together, clever little setup that will increase your install efficiency with the most minimum of effort, leaving plenty of time for you to go and get that kettle running without running back to check up on install prompts every few seconds or so!