So 45 Nagua Bay has a new family member attached, none other than the aptly named Ficus, who is in fact… a ficus tree. Ficus joins us after being booted out of his old home back at the guest house, pretty much because he couldn’t hold his drink and managed to fall over and break his pot during the last battering of storms we experienced here in Gordon’s Bay. So with Louise’s blessing, Chantelle has now stolen him away and introduced him to his new loving home.

The first thing we did for our big boy was pick out a nice big, caesar-styled pot from Benbel, something far more spacious than what he was used to residing in, and after some careful consideration as to light, weather conditions and aesthetics, we plonked ficus out back next to the sliding door, in the process making him our new divider between us and our seemingly invisible neighbours.

Despite the wind that continues to howl all week long already, we ended up doing quite a nice job of re-housing him (Chantelle’s tree-planting knowledge actually blew me away to be honest) and with a few little flowers down below to fluff him up and keep him happy (plus one signboard because it makes it more homely) the deed was done.

So welcome to the family Ficus, you’re looking good already! ;)

Chantelle, Achilles and Ficus

Ficus and His Sign