ccleaner-logo-on-pedestalCCleaner has for years been one of those must-install tools, essential for automating that icky task of keeping Window’s registry as spotlessly clean as possible.

What it is, is a compact, pretty lightning quick piece of software that automatically scans through your PC and removes any unneeded temporary files and logs, cleans out your registry and helps better protect your browsing privacy should there be anything you don’t want someone else to know of (like all those filthy Internet pictures of Sasha Grey of course! :P).

The registry clean-up helps remove broken uninstaller links, orphan registry entries and better control startup applications. The removal of temporary files helps recover underutilised disk space and in the process, helps better protect you against identity theft by properly cleaning up your Internet browsing trail.

It features a particular friendly user interface and has enough checks in place to ensure that you don’t get into too much trouble cleaning up your machine, meaning that almost any level of user should be able to use the app relatively comfortably.

In other words, well worth checking out if you find yourself running a particularly sluggish and old installation of either XP or Vista then!