So it’s been decided then, Banfana Bafana will be tackling those grimy Mexicans first up in 2010. Would have been nice to save face had our rugby captain picked an easier team for us to square off against, like Honduras for instance, but I guess after the Springboks’ rather lacklustre end to their season, they could hardly let Bafana Bafana get off too lightly!

Good luck boys, you’re going to need it!


Mexico? Crap. That's actually quite a tough opening game for us then! Damn you Honduras for not being picked first!

(Only a completely separate note, the draw ceremony had some great ideas and performances in mind, just a pity that most of it had to be lip-synched (and badly at that). Oh, and the ham-fisted ‘acting’, that wasn’t great either. Oh, and the rather stiff and strangely out of place Charlize Theron too. Okay, so maybe not the best draw ceremony ever, but at least we put on a fairly good show. Just not sure if people from the rest of the world are appreciating or laughing at it! Would be nice if they weren’t laughing. No one likes being laughed at you know…)