applications-icon-listHow often is it that you’re standing in front of a friend or colleague’s PC, all ready to go, but unfortunately have only now clicked that he/she does in fact not have the application you were counting on installed.


Which is exactly where LiberKey comes into play, a brilliantly put together application suite that hand picks 271 of the best and most useful applications out there and bundles them all into a single package, ready for download and storing on your USB flash drive for ultimate portability.

There are three versions of the LiberKey suite available for download, the first being the ultra lightweight Basic, then Standard and finally Ultimate versions, the difference being the number of apps housed in each installer.

The LiberKey application itself is particularly user friendly to use, keeps track of all the apps that might require updating and launches most portable apps directly without any install requirements, making it the perfect little tool for when you’re on the go!

Oh, and to be fair, they aren’t exactly the only people that do this either. Lupo PenSuite is another worthy contender in this niche as well, just in case you like having alternatives at hand! But I do like LiberKey’s website better, so they get my stamp of approval first! :)