black-xbox-360-eliteWow, talk about a late adopter – I finally shifted up to the next generation of consoles, swapping my trusty old PS2 out for a bright and shiny, black XBOX 360 Elite late Saturday afternoon this past weekend.

It was technically a spur of the moment decision because up until now I haven’t really put much stock into upgrading my gaming system, simply because I don’t play enough games to justify the new round of gamingĀ  expenditure. However, the one small thing that was still clinging on in favour of upgrading was that all my friends have long, long since made the switch and I was rapidly falling behind in terms of the freshness of the games that I was eventually picking up.

(And besides, I hadn’t even bothered hooking up the PS2 to my big 40″ screen since I bought the monstrous lounge dweller a couple of months ago – simply because the PS2 doesn’t exactly warrant an awesome hi-def, widescreen gaming experience you know!)

But on Friday afternoon, just before leaving for home, I spotted on (a site that Merkaba regularly writes for) that Incredible Connection is currently running an awesome promotion on the black 120GB XBOX 360 Elite consoles for R2799 a piece, a good couple of hundred cheaper than anyone else selling the system.

And that was that. I got home in the evening and told C that I’d finally taken the decision to upgrade and on Saturday afternoon, after my karate grading and coffee-table shopping trip with C, I darted back to the mall and picked up my new toy.

And she’s a shiny one indeed. (loved the packaging by the way. Very colourful and friendly!)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the beast isn’t just sitting next to my TV twiddling its thumbs, oh no, I did at least pick up Mirror’s Edge for a paltry R99 on the way out of Incredible Connection, a pretty awesome game thus far I must say!



Must note though, I have only had the thing up and running for about a hour or so (and that was on Sunday evening just before midnight), so maybe my fears of not playing it enough might just have been founded after all! Oh well, too late now I guess! :)