Retha-playing-SingstarActually, the past weekend ended up being a pretty good one. While Chantelle was being introduced to the world of Twilight courtesy of Andri and Tygervalley (Oh my God, she’s come back a ‘Twihard’) on Friday night, I entertained myself by fiddling around with the blogs, watching anime and playing some Yakuza back home, in other words granting me the perfect opportunity to sneak in some KFC for supper for a change. (Ah, missing the days of bachelorhood already! :P)

Saturday then quickly followed up, kicking off with a great Green belt grading at the Masonic Hall in Strand (which Chantelle actually came through to watch!), followed by a shopping trip to the Mall which saw us purchasing a beautiful lounge coffee table – which I naturally took straight home to assemble! (Flat-packs tend to bring the manliness out of a man I find :P)

After having sweated it out for a bit and with a brand spanking new coffee table adorning the middle of our lounge, I then decided that the time for an early Christmas present for myself was upon us and so I hit the road once more, back to the mall where I triumphantly emerged from Incredible Connection’s doors, clutching my newly purchased black XBOX 360 Elite (plus Mirror’s Edge).

Of course, I didn’t exactly have oodles of time to actually switch the thing on of course (just enough time to plug it in and check that it’s working in the end), as Saturday night was pencilled in as being the main celebration for Chantelle’s 29th birthday happening on Sunday – meaning a whole lot of work for us and tons of fun for the friends! :)

So as per usual, it was bring-n-braai time at 45 Nagua Bay and with the help of Rob who took over as tongmaster for the night, we had a very successful party that featured Dean, a very pregnant Zania, Terrance, Damen, Michelle, Karl, Trish, Rob, Retha, Evan, Natasha, a present-drunk Chantelle and myself of course. One thing I need to mention is that our wedding photos and DVD had arrived on Friday, meaning that Chantelle had most of the girls wrapped around the telly for a good portion of the night, though eventually natural selection broke though and as per usual Terrance and Trish got their way and trusty old Singstar was hauled out of its box and Gordon’s Bay was treated once again to the cacophony that only Craig can bring when he has a microphone in hand!

Despite having broken my heart earlier by ripping up my neatly glued down telephone wire (which I intensely laboured to complete last weekend if you remember), we did allow Retha to sleep over by us, who joined the other sleepover candidate Rob, who kind of deserved a spot on the couch thanks to his earlier stirling efforts behind the Weber of course. (Though we did only get to bed quite late – I was doing dishes while the others watched through the wedding DVD – and boy was my speech long! :D)

Sunday morning was spent whipping the flat back into shape in anticipation of a later coffee visit from the Montgomery parentals (using our new coffee table of course! :P), but the absolutely splendid sunshine-filled afternoon was however spent in the picturesque Franschhoek, where Monty and Cheryl (they were the only ones that could join us on the day) met us at the laid back La Brasserie restaurant where we enjoyed some bottles of fine wine, exquisite food and good company in general.

Back home and it was once more more wedding photos and DVD viewing (with coffee, lots of coffee. And chocolates, lots of chocolates) and after Monty and Cheryl finally left (hey, my speech is long. Deal with it! :P), Chantelle and I settled in to finally celebrate the last couple of hours of her birthday with just the two of us present.

And speaking of presents, she absolutely loves the beautiful little 7″ Transcend digital photo frame I gave her – though I’ll talk more about that little piece of hardware later in my CodeUnit blog methinks.

(Oh, and Mirror’s Edge really is awesome. Finally sneaked some game time in late Sunday night. Very, very cool!)