So if you’re friends with Chantelle on Facebook, you’ll know that we received our wedding photos and DVD last Friday already – and man did they come out beautifully a proud husband must say! :)

We’ve already shown them to both sets of  the parentals (lunch with the Monty’s on Sunday, supper with the Lotters on Wednesday), a couple of friends over the weekend, and come tonight, Peter and Gail who just happen to be visiting down from Bloemfontein this weekend. Needless to say, we’ve still got quite a few viewings lined up for the immediate future – meaning of course that for a person with my short attention span, I’m pretty tired at looking at them already! :P

But jokes aside, I’m amazed at the photos that Gilliam and Irma managed to capture. First off, you would never believe just how dark the chapel was in real life after seeing these photos, and secondly they have managed to capture the spirit, beauty and elegance of the wedding absolutely perfectly. The photos have come out absolutely gorgeous and its proving to be pretty damn tough picking out only 150 from the well over 600 we received in order to compile our printed story book!

The DVD itself was a little rushed in order to get it out to Chantelle in time for her birthday weekend, so we’ve raised some issues with it and Gilliam is busy fixing it up for us now as we speak, but outside of these one or two minor omissions the recordings came out really, really nice. I must say, I was thrilled to see just how smoothly everything ran, the little accidents, the little laughs, the speeches and the dancing all captured for eternity, and the only comprehensible phrase I’m left with is simply put:

This is awesome.

My woman looked spectacularly beautiful, like a Greek Goddess in fact, the bridesmaids sparkled, the best men appeared dapper and spoke like gifted orators, and the night was indeed one big party, despite the howling wind and rain that battered the doors outside.

And it was all captured perfectly. Forever.

Like I said, that’s just plain awesome. :)


Of course, I’ll still get around to posting some pictures of the wedding and subsequent honeymoon up here on the blog, but in the meantime, you can check out the photos that Chantelle uploaded to her Facebook photo album!