If you’re browsing this site, chances are pretty good that it’s looking rather dishevelled at the moment. That is of course because over the last couple of weeks I’ve been fiddling around with themes, customising them and then stripping them down again. But I think I’m pretty happy with this final result I’ve now got in place, so you can go ahead and press ctrl+F5 in order to refresh the cache and view my site in all of its updated glory.

Just a couple of widgets and menu items to add and shift around and then I’ll be done. And finally CodeUnit at www.codeunit.co.za will be back to its stable self! :)


(Man I wish that I actually had time to work on my all of my online stuff – guess that’s the one thing I miss most of not being in either varsity or school any more… all that free time to do whatever I wanted to, all gone, or at least gone until I go on pension one day!)